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How to Erase Data on Android Permanently?

If you're planning to give up your old Android phone and change a new one, then you're always be recommended to delete all personal info on the old Android phone thoroughly. Thus, a large amount of Android users are chosen to return their device to factory reset and think this way can help them erase all contents & settings on Android device completely, but the facts proved that things are not going just like what you imagine. So you should to find another way to make sure all your personal info will be deleted permanently before reselling, donating or sending.

You may have realized that you can't reach the goal without any tool, so here we could like to strongly recommend Android Data Eraser software for your reference. With it, you can easily and quickly wipe everything on your Android phone or tablet and leave no opportunity to restore. And this program requires no professional skills for both beginners and experts. You can finish the whole process within few clicks.

Now, just click the below icon and follow the instrcutions to start your own Android data erasing process.

Steps on Erasing Data on Android Phone or Tablet Securely and Completely

Step 1. Connect Android to Computer and Launch the Program

Let's suppose that your Android device is connected to the program by using a simple USB cable, then you can run the tool on your desktop computer easily.

Step 2. Choose the Erasing Mode and Begin to Erase

When your phone is detected by the program, you can hit "Erase All Data" here to remove everything on the linked Android device with 1 simple click.