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Best Samsung Data Eraser Software

As one of the most popular device on the Android market, Samsung phones or tablets have gained a great success in the past years. It have occupied the top 1 seller and received good reputations from the customers. We can say that your life have become more easier and convenient since you owned a smart phone like Samsung galaxy series, but you may be also troubled with the leaking issue, then how to avoid it happens again? You can get an ideal solution in this page.

Most people think when they perform a simple deletion or "return to factory resetting" order on the device, then all info like contacts, messages, settings, accounts&passwords, etc. will be wiped permanently and never be restored, right? If you're also one of them, then today we could like to tell you that you're totally wrong. Too much facts have proved that a simple deletion or factory resetting order cannot clean your Samsung phone completely, and if you wish to do it, you have to ask help from a professional Samsung Data Eraser program.

Only with it, you can get the ability to get access to your phone's internal memory, and remove all contents on it permanently, and all deleted or erased data in this way will never be restored with all kinds of data recovery software on the market. Sounds great? Now, you can get the free trial version of this prominent Samsung Data Eraser and enjoy its powerful functions by yourself!

How to Permanently Erase Data on Samsung Devices for Windows/Mac Users?

First of all, please connect your Samsung phone to the computer with USB cable, then launch the program and make your Samsung phone can be recognized by the program.

Secondly, when your phone is detected and shown in the program, you can choose the option of "Erase All Data" to scan and wipe off data on Samsung devices as you like.

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