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How to Wipe Everything from Android before Selling?

When you get a new smart phone, how would you deal with your old phone? Resell it on the online store? Or donate it to charity project? or send it to your little sisters or brothers? No matter what is your final decision, you must know that the data on the old Android phone should be deleted before selling, donating or sending, right? But the problem here is how to ensure the deletion is permanent. Have no idea about it? Don't worry, you can find an ideal solution in this page.

In most situations, Android users will used to return their device to the factory reset and think that is a useful way to permanently erase Android data. But now, facts have proved that data formatted can be restored with a simple Android data recovery software. So you need a professional Android Data Eraser program as your assistant. With it, you can easily and quickly wipe everything on Android, and there is no opportunity for restoring. And this program can greatly compatible with all kinds of Android devices on the market. So you can never worry about the problems of device's model.

Now, just click the below icons to download and install this powerful tool on your personal PC.

How Can I Erase All Contents & Settings on Android Phone before Selling

First of all, connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable, then run the Data Eraser for Android. Here, you connected Android phone will be detected by the program and show you the primary window.

Click "Erase All Data" button in the program to wipe out all data from Android quickly, including contacts, text messages, call logs, accounts&password, searching history, etc. When the program shows you the erasing process is finished, you can resell it as you like.