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Clicks to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android

Android and iPhone, is the most popular smart phone on the market. And you may need to move contacts between Android and iPhone frequently due to different reasons, such as switch mobile phone from one to another, share the same contacts list on different devices, and so on. Thus, what will you do here? Of course, if you only have few numbers need to move, then just type them on the phone directly. But if you have a large amount of contacts here, then typing them one by one on the mobile phone could be a daunt thing for you, right?

If you wish to move contacts from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android, don't worry, you can reach it quickly after owning this powerful Phone Transfer. This tool can works well as the best Android to iPhone Transfer program, which allows you to copy data like contacts, photos, music, books, etc. between different devices with one simple click. And you can also use the program to manage your Android or iPhone data as you like.

Below is the links for you to get the free trial version of this powerful tool.

How Do I Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android Easily?

As you can see, there are two versions for your reference, and we'll take the Windows version as an example. After launching the program on your desktop computer, you can see an interface like below:

Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and then be sure the Android and iPhone have been connected to the computer. Thus, you'll see an interface like below:

Tick the "Contacts" option here and then hit "Start Copy" button to begin the process. Here, please be noted that your Android and iPhone should be placed in the right source and destination. Otherwise, the program will move wrong data to your phone.

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