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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone/Tablet Easily?

After using Apple's iPhone for many years, you may also curious about Android's world and wish to experience the popular Android OS, but frustrated of data transferring from iTunes to Android. It is known to all that iTunes is the default media player and management tool for iPhone, iPad or iPod, which provide users with unlimited resources for downloading. Since Apple's iOS is a closed operating system and for security considerations, it is almost impossible for iDevice users to import or export files from or to iPhone, iPad or iPod. So when you're using an iDevice for a long time, it is inevitable that a huge collection of music have been saved in your iTunes library, and when you're planning to change phone from iPhone to Android, you may also wish to move these collections from iTunes library to your new purchased Android phone, right? Then how?

For different reasons, transferring musc files from iTunes library could be little bit tough for you. So here we could like to strongly recommend a tool called Phone Transfer as your personal assistant. With it, you can download the iTunes backups to the local disk, and then try to restore the music files to your Android device easily. What's more, if the transferred iTunes songs are also saved in your iPhone, you can also move iTunes music from iPhone to Android directly. And you're also allowed to download backups from iCloud, BlackBerry, Samsung Kies, etc. without hassle. Now, just click the below icon to begin the whole process.

How to Transfer iTunes Music to Android Phone or Tablet?

Choose "Restore from Backups" and select "iTunes" to see the whole iTunes list of your device.

Connect your Android device to the computer and make it be recognized by the program. Then you can turn to choose an iTunes backup file in the above list, and check the file type of Music or other files you wish to move as you like.

After that, you can directly click the image icon to begin the whole transferring process from iTunes to Android.

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