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How to Transfer SMS (Text Messages) from Android to iPhone 6S/6/5S/5?

Even though more and more social connecting apps appearing in the daily life and work, but you have to admit that the text messaging is still one of the most important ways for connecting people. So it is inevitable that you have saved lots of important messages that you may wish to read again and again on your Android phones, and when you switch a phone from Android to iPhone, you may also wish to move these saved Android messages to the new iPhone device, right? Obviously, it seems impossible to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone since they're running in two different operating systems, but actually you can reach it when you find a reliable phone transfer program as your assistant.

Thanks to the recommended Phone Transfer, you can simply transfer text messages from Android to iPhone on Windows computer without quality losing. And this program have a Mac version, so that you can also use it to reach your goal when you're using a Mac. What's more, if you wish to backup your Android or iPhone data in the future, you can also use the program to do it as you like. We can say that it can help you to solve almost all problems related to your mobile phones in the future. Now, let's turn to learn how to transfer Android SMS to iPhone step by step.

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone?

First of all, you have to download and install the program on your computer, then launch it.

After that, connect Android and iPhone to the computer with USB cable, and then you can select "Phone to Phone Transfer" in the program and start detecting your device.

When you have seen an interface like below, that means your connected Android and iPhone have been detected. Please be sure they have been displayed in the right place, and then choose "Text Messages" in the program, and hit the image icon to start the transferring process at once.

You can check the transferring process in details, and after that, you can check the transferred messages on your new iPhone right now.

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