Android Mobile Cleaner

While people enjoy the convenience that Android smart phones brought, they may also meet a lot of problems that caused by the smart devices. For example, your device may operate more and more slowly with time goes by and sometimes it even cost you several minutes to start an app on your device.

Then why does the phenomenon always happen? Most of the Android users encountered the similar situations after they have used the Android phones for a period of time. And one of the main reasons that lead to the slow response of the software is that the device is full of junk files.

In order to solve the problem, we developed and released the Android Mobile Cleaner to help you clean the junk files in your device and speed up the device. Here we also provide you the free trial version as follows and you can download the this version to have a try!

Key Features for Android Mobile Cleaner

Clean All Android Junk Files with One Click

As a outstanding and professional Android Cleaner software, it can detect your Android device automatically and scan various types of files in it. Then you will see the junk files being displayed on an interface as different categories and you can find the target files with no hassle. Finally just select the wanted files and you can clean them with on click.

The software can clean various types of junk files like temp files, cookies, photo caches, app caches, user storage and so on. It will detect all the hidden junk files and clean them easily and quickly.


Works Well with All Brands of Android Phones

As an Android cleaner, it can support various types of Android devices including Android smart phones and tablets with high compatibility.

The program can support almost all brands of Android phones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Nexus, Motorola and so on.

It can also be compatible with all generations of Android operating system from Android 2.0 to Android 5.0 or later.



Simple Operation and Clean Design

The software will detect your connected Android phones automatically and scan all the junk files in your devices with no hassle. The users are able to clean all the junk files with one click.

The software is 100% clean and safe without any spyware, adware or malware. So you can totally trust the program completely.