Android Manager for Windows & Mac OS X

While people enjoy the convenient life which is brought by the Android phones and tablets, they also encountered lots of different problems which is produced by these popular devices, such as data lose, backup and so on. So almost all Android users is eager to find a practical tool to manage files on Android devices. Thus, this Android Desktop Manager is a real life saver for those who love music and video, text a lot and juggle apps on their Android phones and tablets.
- Backup or transfer the whole Android contents to computer with one click;
- Edit or manage your contact list on your computer directly;
- Download, install or uninstall, backup and export apps as you like;
- Works well as the best desktop SMS assistant.

Supported OS:

Key Features for Both Windows and Mac Version

Backup All Contents on Android with One Click

As a good Android manager software, the first attractive features should be the function of backing up. Transferring and saving all your vital data from your devices to another security place seems to be more and more important to avoid losing data again, so this program comes here to provide you the simplest way to backup all things you want to personal computer with one click.

- Wirelessly drap and drop any files to and from your Android devices or simply achieve it via USB cable. (WiFi connection is only available in the Windows version.)
- Manage files on your SD card and devices with absolute convenience.
- One-click to transfer contacts from Android phones to Windows or Mac computer, and you can add or delete any contact on computer as you like.

Works Well As A Good Desktop SMS Assistant

Text messages plays an important role in the daily communications. Don't want to text your friends the same message one by one? Feel tired to type messages on the small phone's screen? Don't worry, this Android SMS Manager can solve your problem very well.

- Send the same messages to all your friends at one time from your PC.
- Back up your important threads as .xlm file or .txt file on the computer to free up more internal storage space.
- Import any important messages to your Android phones freely.
- Directly hang the coming call off, and reply with a message instead on your computer.

Organize Apps on Your Computer Easily

Compare to the mobile phones before, one of the most welcomed features of all smart phones is its huge amount of apps. No matter your phones in Android, iOS or Windows system, you can download and install various apps from app store to enrich your daily life.

- Instantly download apps for free on your computer.
- Conveniently install or uninstall apps on your personal computer in a batch.
- Backup all or selected apps from your Android phones to computer.